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We stayed at The Grand Georgian. It was one of the best parts of the whole stay there. The décor was lovely and neat. A kitchen, two bedrooms with a washroom each and a living area. The suite had a balcony that over looked the pool. Seriously, it was just grand. Unlike the last hotel we stayed on our trip to Montreal, the bathroom didn’t have any cockroach. Thank god! The TV had a huge selection of channels. And for someone, who doesn’t have such a wide selection at home, it was heaven. My sister and I stayed in one of the rooms and m parents in the other. Unfortunately, my brothers slept in the living area. Good thing there were extra pillows and a blanket.

Our first evening there, we decided to rest up a little and go for a walk. The whole village was built in a European style. The restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques under more inns or, perhaps, living quarters. I did wonder if all of it was just for the visitors and where the people who worked there lived. Not that it was cut off from civilization. There was a town nearby and a few remote houses too. At night, with the lights on the whole village looked serene. Even though, the air was chilly, I enjoyed myself.

And when I closed eyes, I could imagine being on a holiday in a European city, rather than a plain old village in Ontario. Seriously! The ski resort was built a long way back, in 1941. A hearty thanks to Jozo Weider and Peter Campbell (kudos to wikipedia). The whole set-up heightened the whole experience. I looked forward to the activities the following day. At the same time I wondered what could this little town provide for the whole weekend? Would it be enough to commemorate the stay?