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I don’t remember the particulars, the surrounding ‘fellows’ or the conversation, but I do remember the water. The whole apartment was flooded completely. Well, at least the room, where all of us were trapped, was. I swam towards my fellows or them towards me. It was a bit difficult to make out with all of the warm bodies. All of us felt like a part of a collective mind, where the boundary of the different bodies was absent. I watched myself as we attempted to break out through the jailed windows. We talked, and talked some more; perhaps, screamed collectively. We beat our tiny paws against the window, and flapped our tails.

I woke up then with a feeling of entrapment and a strong wish to return to see it to the end and wanting to free myself and the mice. We were one in the same, I suppose. The apartment, whose jailed room we were drowning in, was on the same floor that my family and I lived on. And every time I’d pass the jailed window, my curiosity quivered. So it makes sense why I’d visit the room full of blue in this state of semi-unconsciousness.

As I put myself to sleep, I manipulated the dream and the windows ended up being bar-Mless. The pressure of the water broke the glass and all of the mice ended up being carried towards the third elevator. By this second time re-entering the dream, I had become relatively detached from the mice and relished going back just to finish off the story. Because god forbid should a story exist without an ending.

This time, the indefatigable mice had been manipulated into flooding the ground floor of the building as the water magically carried them to that floor. Even though I was fully conscious and scoffed at the ridiculousness of the whole scene, I trapped the mice this time round. And as my subconscious whined not again, the glass doors shattered and they were all let out on to the street.

When I pondered over flooding the neighborhood, my consciousness widened its eyes and shook its head at the absurdity of it all. Freedom was the goal, and freedom was achieved. What else was there to be?