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So as the title of the post suggests, there have been changes made to the blog. Namely, name changes. Previously, this blog (and my username) was xoxosanaz. I have changed them to “yungfiza”. One of the reasons is that this space has finally found itself, and so have I. When I started blogging, I didn’t know if it would be something that I could continue (with school, time and content constraints). Over the years, I’ve found myself becoming attached to this space. Blogging has helped myself in so many ways. So this is why these alterations became inevitable. It was a tough choice as I was attached, and used, to the previous domain. Everything else remains the same. I will still post poetry, quotes, stories (once in an orange moon), and opinion pieces. Hopefully, these differences are encouraging for both of us. Thank you for reading.

Warm Wishes,
Fiza A.