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Seasoned WordPress users will know a lot of changes have been introduced, and some have even been scrapped out, over the years . One such example for the former is the “inspire me!” button that used to be in the right-hand corner of the new post page template. Did it serve its function? Offer me zen-like lessons? No, it didn’t, most of the time. But I still miss clicking it for the sake of clicking, hoping to find a different prompt out of the usual ones.

Some of the generic posts included the weathered cupboard; the adrenaline-causing incident and my response to it. Other prompts produced pieces like Holocaust, and greed. And then there were those that encouraged me to step out of comfort zone. I hoped that I would at some point, but WordPress had other plans. Strangely like life, is it not?

Most of us have plans for where we would like our life to end up. Stable job and relationships, progressive career, exciting vacations- the list goes on. Usually we don’t end up exactly where we had imagined. Maybe you landed up in a completely different career. Or didn’t get to have as many adventurous trips. It matters, and it really hurts. Let’s not pretend it is for the good. You can’t possibly know that! And you never will if you don’t let yourself.

Progress doesn’t crop up out of thin air. If you’re lucky, it might knock on your door. When that happens, open the blessed door. And if the success doesn’t tap (yes, progress is equal to success), go find it and make it work. Don’t be shy of coming off as a go-getter. Be Assertive. You will never walk away feeling regretful or unsatisfied.

It isn’t easy for some of the personality, including myself. But I am actively working on it, confident that I will reach my goal. So can you.

Until then, I will continue to miss WordPress changes even if I didn’t need them entirely.