By Fiza Arshad

Life can be your most loved, or disliked, subject – make the best of it.

Don’t be scared of darkness. Stars shine brightest at night.

The substance of truth doesn’t need to be forced into perception. It just is.

Don’t use negativity to fight the pull of the tide. That’s not confronting your emotions; it’s diverting their impact. Face it head on with positive reflection.

Positive action, not dreams, is the doorway to your goal. Take that first step.

Your future is a food platter. You choose what to eat or keep. Choose wisely.

Never let it be said that any story was not story enough.

You may not have a rainbow, but you have a story. Someday an aurora will follow.

Language, education, status, and culture are not barriers for a bridge like love, and peace, which surpasses all.

Some great power’s revolution is another’s evolution. Someone’s resistance is another’s break free.

We are all lost sailors in this chaotic world.

The tragedy of life is always wanting more and more.

Freedom is not worth acquiring if at the cost of someone else.

Understanding and perception are bound to one another. Perception filters understanding; and understanding influences perception.

Life is seldom fair, but you have to make do with it to the best of your ability.

Oft times it isn’t about can, but should.

Being wise and knowing is not constrained by naivety and lack of cleverness, words and worldliness; but, instead by narrow-mindedness, obstinacy, foolhardiness and resistance to progression.

A change is not fearsome; but what becomes of you, or of those around you as a consequence of it, is.

Capture the life in your moments, not the moments in your life. And then you would know are you not the luckiest person out there?